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Benefits of Electropolishing

  • Deburrs
  • Smoothes
  • Brightens
  • Passivates
  • Redefines oxide layer
  • Removes surface contaminants

Benefits of Electropolishing

Electropolishing produces a combination of properties which can be achieved by no other method of surface finishing.

Mechanical grinding, belting, and buffing can produce beautiful mirror-like results on stainless steel, but the processes are labor intensive and leave the surface layer distorted, highly stressed, and contaminated with grinding media and metallic particles.

The passivation methods commonly employed produce clean, corrosion resistant surfaces, but do not achieve the bright, lustrous appearance obtained by electropolishing. The corrosion resistance of electropolished stainless steel exceeds that of standard passivation processes.

Electroplating can produce extremely bright finishes, but the finish is a coating which can chip or wear off. Electroplated surfaces may also exhibit hydrogen embrittlement which must be stress-relieved in a separate step. Neither passivation nor electroplating can accomplish significant burr removal.

Processes are available for chemical deburring and brightening for steel and stainless steel, but these methods cannot match the overall surface improvement produced by electropolishing.

Recognizing a Quality Finish

High-quality electropolishing can usually be identified by visual inspection. A microscopic evaluation is necessary where a “maximum” finish is required and where the surface condition must be documented.

For example, a buffed surface often appears to be electropolished. Either finish yields the same surface finish profilometer readings. Only photomicrographs of the two surfaces would be featureless, while the buffed surface would show layers of smeared, disturbed and damaged metal, as well as embedded abrasive and buffing compound.

Electropolishing removes metal. It does not move it or wipe it. The surface of the metal is microscopically featureless, with no torn surface remaining. The basic surface of electropolished metal is bright and clean.

Other Advantages of Electropolishing

  • Electropolished Valve StemsProvides a Clean Surface
  • Simultaneously Deburrs as the Part is Polished
  • Provides a High Level of Tarnish and Corrosion Resistance
  • Relieves Stress on Surface of Product
  • Provides a Uniform Luster on Entire Surface
  • Improves Surface Finish by Providing a Bright, Smooth Finish
  • Cleans Difficult to Reach Areas

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