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Markets Served

Our customer's include a wide range of both regional and national industries including:


The automotive industry is one of the nation's largest and most important manufacturing industries.  Most of the workers in the automotive industry work in the Great Lakes area, especially in Michigan. However, automotive plants are also found in other areas of the country. Each automobile manufacturer puts out a new line of vehicles every year.  KEPCO prides itself and is well established in working with the customer on the cutting edge of high volume electropolished or passivated pieces such as, ABS brakes, fuel injectors, etc.


The market for surgical instruments is highly competitive and characterized by technological advances.  There are many parts ranging from cutting blocks, to drills and taps and needles. The surgical instrument business is a technology oriented business. We work with the company in the research proccess and product development phases.  KEPCO shines with customer specifications and quick turn-around time.


America leads the world in production of commercial and military aircraft.  The largest manufacturing product categories are: aircraft, passenger and cargo transportation, and general aviation (business jets, recreational airplanes, traffic helicopters). This includes aircraft engines and thousands of different pieces of equipment and equipment systems.  KEPCO has experience in the aerospace industry solving the corrosion resistance and  cosmetic needs.

Water Purification

The water purification industry is growing at an accelerated rate and stretches world wide.  KEPCO provides the smoothness of  surface functionality, the cosmetic apperance and corrosion resistance needed for the purification of water.  KEPCO has worked with purity fittings, washers, chambers, impellars, and diffusers.


Electropolishing and Passivation provides the cosmetic luster and corrosive resistance for the marine industry.  We have experience in proccessing parts such as rail assemblies, anchors, anchor guides, davits, and exotic parts including diving helmets. KEPCO provides the long lasting apperance and passivity that is needed in the marine industry today.


The most technological and rapidly growing industry is the computer market.  KEPCO has worked with our customers to passivate or electropolish computer components such as screws, springs, and other essential hardware to improve corrosion resistance for the longevity of the product.

Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor recreation includes a wide variety of industries, ranging from furniture to snow making equipment.  KEPCO provides benifits ranging from corrosion resistance, to deburring and cosmetic appeal.  With a customer service rating of 100%, KEPCO works with our customers to develop a process reciepe for their needs.


KEPCO understands that the agricultural industry has critical parts that need to withstand the test of time and corrosion resistance.  We offer electropolishing to maximize corrosion resistance and the deburring needed to increase funtionality of parts.  We have proccessed parts such as augers, tubing, job shop tanks and unique equipment.  

Cutting Edge Technologies

KEPCO prides itself in being involved in prototypes and product developement for the future.  KEPCO initiated a free sample program to develop a process reciepe for our customers needs.  We understand that new products are being developed everyday. KEPCO works with customers for new product development and utilization of electropolishing and passivation. 


The pharmaceutical industry has recognized that high purity equipment is essential in the lifespan of their equipment.  Under FDA regulation, they understand the importance of long lasting corrosion resistance.  KEPCO's experience is important for this industry.  We have processed parts for one of the nations largest pharmaceutical firms and know that time and quality are critical.

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