Kalamazoo Electropolishing Company
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Value Added Services

KEPCO works with our customers to develop a streamline proccess and solve production issues for our customers.  We specialize in post-packaging and special packaging supplying the customer with the trained and experienced personell to supply their needs.

Some of the Value Added Services that KEPCO offers are:

  • Quick turn around time
  • Expedited services
  • Experienced proccessing staff of 10 years of experience on average
  • Customer specific packaging availiability
  • Accommodate all customers
  • Samples proccessed at no charge
  • Work close with customers to get the proccess established/open plant invitation
  • Friendly courtious staff
  • Passivity tests
  • Certification of proccess at no charge
  • Works with customers to develop project racks
  • Emergency overtime processing availiability
  • Power washing parts using deionized water 

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